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A Fully Immersive Online Yoga Studio For All Skill Levels

True Yoga Collective is an online yoga studio that makes yoga classes more accessible and your routine easier. We maintain a friendly and familiar atmosphere, and we have dedicated instructors who will guide you through each workout. With us, your yoga experience will be elevated to another level.


Our Classes

When you join us, you will get to participate in professional classes led by some of the industry’s best instructors. We offer beginner and advanced routines for all skill levels. In addition, members will be given access to our entire library of classes, with new ones being added daily.


Why Go Online

Since every session is done virtually, you’ll no longer have to go to the studio. It’s a great way to avoid long commutes. You’ll also be able to practice yoga in any space you want, whether it’s at your home or a scenic park. So, join today and see all that we have to offer.


Your One-Stop Shop for Yoga Equipment

All the equipment used in our classes is available directly through our website, so you won’t need to find the right equipment or mats to follow along. You’re also free to use the equipment you own for your convenience.

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